About | Thomas Warden Hayes


Hayes is an award-winning playwright and co-founder of Playwrights Local.

Tom’s playwriting credits include The Appalachian Trail staged in CSU’s annual play festival at the Factory Theatre in 2004; Only Sing for Me which appeared in the CSU play festival in 2005; and co-writing credits on Lost Prospect (a moving play through downtown Cleveland) at the Ingenuity Festival of Art and Technology in 2006. Tom’s play A Howl in the Woods was one winning entry in Cleveland Public Theatre’s Little Box competition in 2007; and Tom had co-writing credits on Know Your Future at the 2008 Ingenuity Festival of Art and Technology. Tom also had the winning entry (A Howl in the Woods) in the 2008 New Plays Competition at convergence-continuum—now renamed Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber—the play was awarded Best Original Script by a Local Playwright — 2008 by Rave and Pan. Tom’s play Patterns received a workshop production at CPT in March of 2011. In 2016, Tom co-authored with Playwrights Local, Objectively/Reasonable, which the Cleveland Critic’s Circle named the Most Socially Significant Play of 2016. Tom earned his bachelor of arts in creative writing from Ohio University, and his masters in library science from Kent State University.

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