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“Original, provocative and awfully funny,” – Tony Brown, Plain Dealer

“Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber is like nothing so much as itself…engaging…mind-bending” –Jean Seitter Cummins,Cleveland Scene

“A well-embroidered and often funny meditation on a profoundly basic question: Who am I? And just as importantly: Who…are you?” — Christine Howey, Rave and Pan


Tony Brown’s review in the Plain Dealer.
‘Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber’ is a gay old time at Convergence-Continuum

Jean Seitter Cummins review in Scene.
Who are you now?

Christine Howey’s review in Rave and Pan.
Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber, convergence-continuum

Rave and Pan: 2008 “Best of Cleveland Theater” Awards

Around Noon: Annual Review of Theater (Starting around the :28 minute mark–online)


The Many Hats of Jared Bendis
Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber : Jared as Artist